Learning of breast cancer can be difficult. Dr. Greenspun can help guide you to make a decision that is right for you and your family.

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, considering the options for breast reconstruction can feel overwhelming. Our team will help guide you through this process. Our practice specializes in the most advanced methods of natural-tissue breast reconstruction. Our practice works with breast surgeons, oncologists and dedicated nurses to provide you with personalized and integrated care. With our doctors, you will be in the hands of recognized experts in the field of perforator flap breast reconstruction. Our team of surgeons has extensive experience and expertise in the advanced microsurgical techniques of breast reconstruction. We are committed to treating you with the highest standards of patient-focused care in a completely supportive environment.
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Breast reconstruction can restore the form of a woman’s breasts, and--not surprisingly--numerous studies demonstrate important emotional and psychological benefits for women who choose to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Nevertheless, the decision to have a breast reconstructed is one each woman must make for herself.

Learn more about the procedures our practice offers, as well as about other methods of breast reconstruction.

Dr. David T. Greenspun is an internationally recognized expert in the field of microsurgical breast reconstruction. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has pioneered new techniques in the field and has successfully performed roughly 1,000 perforator flap breast reconstructions.

Breast reconstruction can help restore a woman’s physical form, and numerous studies show significantly improved quality of life for women who undergo breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy. Today, there are better options for breast reconstruction than ever before.

For women who choose to use natural-tissue to replace a breast after mastectomy, sophisticated microsurgical techniques like the ones Dr. Greenspun uses make it possible to reconstruct breasts that restore a natural shape and feel without sacrificing important functional muscles in the process. Known collectively as perforator flaps, these procedures include the DIEP flap, SIEA flap and SGAP flap. Breast reconstruction without implants—using your own tissue—usually results in a more natural looking and feeling breast that is not vulnerable to the problems that sometimes occur with breast implants.

Breast reconstruction is the focus of Dr. Greenspun’s practice. He has over a decade of experience as a specialist in the most advanced methods of natural-tissue breast reconstruction. He is the author of textbook chapters, articles and peer-reviewed studies on this subject and a frequent lecturer about breast reconstruction at medical meetings and conferences. Dr. Greenspun and his team perform breast reconstruction in state-of-the-art facilities in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

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Procedures & Techniques


Women who choose to undergo breast reconstruction with a DIEP flap will have skin and fatty tissue removed from the lower abdominal area through an incision similar to that used for a “tummy tuck.” Because no muscle is removed, DIEP flaps offer distinct advantages over muscle-containing flaps such as the TRAM. » Learn more


The SIEA flap, like the DIEP flap, employs the skin and fat of the lower abdominal area for breast reconstruction. Unlike a TRAM flap, muscle is not sacrificed with these procedures, which also use tissue from the lower abdomen. » Learn more


For women who cannot use—or choose not to use—tissue from their abdomen, SGAP flaps are an excellent alternative for natural-tissue breast reconstruction after mastectomy. With SGAP flaps, the tissue used to reconstruct a breast is borrowed from the upper buttock. Breast reconstruction with an SGAP flap preserves the muscle of the buttock.
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The buttock is an excellent donor site for natural-tissue breast reconstruction. With an IGAP flap, the tissue used to restore a breast after mastectomy is removed from the lower buttock without removing any gluteal muscle.
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LAP Flap

Using LAP flaps, it is possible to reconstruct a woman’s breasts with soft tissue removed from the “love-handle” areas at the side of the waist. The scar that results from LAP flap surgery falls where the buttock and lower back meet along the waistline. As is the case for all perforator flaps used in breast reconstruction, no muscle is sacrificed.
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TUG Flap

The skin and fat of the inner thigh can also be used to reconstruct breasts with a natural appearance. TUG flaps may be a good choice for the reconstruction of small or medium-sized breasts with youthful shape.
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Stacked-DIEP Flap

The Stacked-DIEP flap allows a breast to be reconstructed with significantly more tissue than is possible using either a DIEP flap or a TRAM flap. This innovative procedure uses two DIEP flaps, one DIEP flap from each side of the abdomen, to reconstruct a single breast. The stacked-DIEP can be an option, for example, for a thin woman who needs reconstruction of only one breast, and whose body would not otherwise provide enough tissue with a single abdominal flap.
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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery (known technically as reduction mammaplasty) removes excess breast tissue to reduce breast size and to contour breast shape.
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Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is performed to restore a more youthful shape and a firmer feel to the breasts.
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